HKBU presents Dream of the Red Chamber Award to Mainland author Wang Anyi

HKBU presented the grand prize of the 4th Dream of the Red Chamber Award to Shanghai-based author Ms. Wang Anyi for her novel Scent of Heaven. The prize included a cash award of HK$300,000. 
Ms. Wang Anyi was delighted to receive the award. She said: “Writing is like going on a long spiritual journey; when we return, the dream ends. I would like to thank the members of the judging panel. Receiving this honour and appreciation was really unexpected. Although this award is named after the Dream of the Red Chamber, I will not claim that my works are comparable to the achievement of that classic. To Chinese novelists, the Dream of the Red Chamber is a book from heaven that inspired us to write.”
The Chairperson of the final judging panel, Professor Chung Ling, said: “Scent of Heaven presents the story of four generations of the Shen family and the novel itself is encyclopedic in scope, with rich characterisations of several dozen family members. Historical figures such as Xu Guangqi are merged into the scene naturally. The novel presents the finesse, depth and grandeur of Chinese cultural traditions. The writing is elegant, clear and smooth, capturing a style that speaks to the great works of classical Chinese fiction. This novel is like an encyclopedia for the culture of the Southern Yangtze Delta region, a classic of the embroidery culture, and a masterpiece that vividly presents daily life, the interests and aspirations between four generations of protagonists, who come to life in this masterful work destined to become a classic of contemporary Chinese fiction.”
Officiating at today’s ceremony were Ms. Cynthia Liu, Deputy Director (Culture), Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Mr. Zhang Da-peng, President of Y. Cee Chemicals Ltd and donor of the Dream of the Red Chamber Award; Mr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU; Professor Albert Chan, HKBU President and Vice-Chancellor; Professor Douglas Robinson, HKBU Dean of Arts; and Dr. Lim Chin-chown, Convenor, Planning Committee of the 4th Dream of the Red Chamber Award.
Ms. Wang Anyi was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu in 1954. She graduated in 1969 and is currently a Professor at the Department of Chinese of Fudan University, Vice Chairman of the seventh national committee of the Chinese Writers Association and Chairman of the Shanghai Writers Association. Ms. Wang’s works include novels, essays and children’s books. Her most well-known novel, Song of Everlasting Sorrow《長恨歌》, was recognised with a number of regional awards in the arts. An Era of Enlightenment《啟蒙時代》received a Jury Award at The 2nd Dream of the Red Chamber Award.
Launched by HKBU’s Faculty of Arts in 2006, The Dream of the Red Chamber Award runs every two years. It aims to encourage the publication of excellent Chinese novels worldwide, and to recognise outstanding Chinese novel writers from around the world to enhance the standards of Chinese novel-writing. For details, please refer to the website