Q: Why does the Award accept neither personal nominations nor self-nominations?
A: Over 2000 novels are being published every two years in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. To avoid excessive nominations and make the selection effective, personal nominations and self-nominations are not accepted.

Q: How does the Planning Committee select publishers for recognition and invitation?
A: The Planning Committee has recognized and invited nearly 30 publishers. The selection procedures are as follows:
(1) The Planning Committee finds out the award-winning novels from several major Chinese Literary Awards over the past two decades.
(2) The Committee identifies the publishers which have published these award-winning novels, and compiles them into the authorization list.
The list comprises publishers from all over the world. Major Chinese Literary Awards include the Mao Dun Literature Prize (the Mainland), China Times Prize for Literature (Taiwan), Huazhong Literary Award (Malaysia) and Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature.